Are you currently walking your path alone?

Would you like someone to hold your hand, while also holding you accountable for the overall lifestyle changes you're wanting to make? Are you ready to let go of the past & truly balance your Mind-Body-Spirit towards optimal health and well-being? Then let me be your guide…

Find the Path that best fits what you’re looking for today:

Retreats/Holistic Events/Online Events

(daily, weekend, and week-long)

balancing stones zen garden

I find that everyone has some aspect of their lives that just need a little balance, a little structure, and that quickie – fix to getting them started. There are so many venues to choose from, whether you’re looking for a day, a weekend, a week long, or even several weeks worth, the sky’s the limit so take your pick. These opportunities really help you to balance an area of your life, maybe you just need a break from your regular every day routines. Register for a Retreat, or come by and see us at a Holistic Event, or even sign up for an online event. These are great opportunities to be a part of a community, make new friends, or work on yourself with like-minded individuals. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or getting ready to take things to the next level.




A Phoenix will actually become engulfed in flames, and then out of the ashes a new one arises. Here’s where you can really tweak, transition, or transform your life in a group environment. Do you know what I love most about the group environment? It’s a safe place, where you find others in the same boat you’re in, and we all become a support group for one another. We offer opportunities for free as well as those involving a cost (whether it be a one- time cost or a monthly cost all depends on the program of choice). Sometimes classes are held locally and other times they’re done online or by phone, so it’s whatever works for you. Should you want to pull one together with a large enough size group to have me come to your area, it can’t hurt to inquire, I’m always up for a change of scenery!

Coaching Sessions

(in person, over the phone, or by email)

Splash water

All it takes to create a ripple effect, is one small drop in the pond. But when you see just how far out that ripple will go, it’s truly amazing! If you’re someone who doesn’t really care for the group environment, but are looking for some one-on-one coaching (or even on-going coaching), this may be the path for you. The BEST thing I can do for you in this arena is to be honest with you (and that may mean, after talking to you, that I tell you that you’re not ready to work with me at this level). I expect a commitment from my clients, and a total and complete dedication that you’re both ready and willing to make the necessary changes to get you where you want to be. These sessions are for the individuals who want someone to be honest with them, to give it to them strait up without sugar coating it, for those willing to start taking responsibility for their actions – or inactions. If you’re ready for this level of commitment, then we need to talk!